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A marble's eyesight

Rainbow Gossip >3

5 June 1990
South Vale
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.'bout me.

natural hazel hair, big sparkling eyes, a Hokuto Sumeragi clone, quick-tempered & sarcastic like Heather Mason, computer freak like Satsuki Yatouji, Bulgarian living in Germany, speaking&writing Bulgarian,German,English,Spanish & a little Japanese & French, trainee as an interpreter, a bad curry gurl, mouthy, having a slight compulsion of order, slightly Hypertrichophobic, slightly sadistic, full of contrasts, gamer, dreamer, sleepyhead, drama & fashion queen, perfectionist, individualist, independent, high-spirited, free-spirited, full of contrasts


music, Misha Collins, Simon Baker, Silent Hill, sleeping, being the center of attention, decay, abandoned places, creating my own flamboyand wardrobe, manga & anime, san-x, kogepan, skylines, penguins, crows, minced meat sauce, tomatoes, contrasts, yellow, sunflowers, Baroque, Gothic, vintage & antique design, photos in b&w & sepia, photoshop, vidding, RPGs, playing video games, sunsets, summer, autumn, aurora borealis, attics, nighttime, electric guitar, having a hot bath, fanfiction, art, computer, being alone in the dark, misty mornings, night walks in summer, languages, piano, whiskey, poetry, Burger King, 60s-90s, concentrating on one instrument when listening to music, interpreting all possible things, traveling, slash, christmas, psychological horror, the smell of blown out candles & freshly baked buns, all kinds of seafood, unbiased people, meeting new people, etc.


tediousness, chauvinism, homophobes, not getting enough sleep, cigarette smoke & smell, wet umbrellas, cold, thick-skinned people, boring guys, blond, going to the swimming pool, dolls & mannequins, religious fanaticism, when somebody's looking at me while I'm eating, sitting with my back to the engine & looking out of the window, someone stroking my head, walking in the rain, Pyramid Head, raisins, peas, boiled carrots, any form of bullying, racism, watching the music video of a song, any duties, cooking, bystanders, people without opinion, wiseacres, inconsideration, insects (except spiders and ladybugs) etc.

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!This journal is ALWAYS under construction!


My advantages:

☆kind to animals

My weak points:

★"sometimes" lazy & forgetful xD

Heather Mason is love.


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